Garden of Eden2
From the Creation Series by R. S. Perry

astarfell.com is both a website and a blog that explores multiple themes but focuses primarily on the fields of music, art and creative writing in the two river cities of Little Rock, Arkansas and Bluffton, South Carolina.  Please return often to discover updated or new material! Be sure to click on the tabs My Blog, About (biography) and Songs in my songbook in the upper right hand corner above for more information and discussion. Recent Posts are listed in the upper right hand corner of this page.

My name is J. S. Graves. I am a composer, writer and editor of words and music and I have mounted this website.  Please email me with questions, comments or any found errors at jsgsix@gmail.com .  I will continue to add new material or update the various pages and posts as time permits.

Please visit my Blog on this site for notices about all the books I have written. Please also visit my other website,  graveshouse.orgwhere you can find my writings about historical preservation and family history in Bluffton, South Carolina.

Hope to see you soon! The art above is from the Creation Series by my wife, R. S. Perry, a  Little Rock artist, writer and composer. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Please visit her page on this website. Click on the R. S. Perry tab above. Her own works can be viewed on her website cronesinger.com.

Please email me with questions or corrections at jsgsix@comcast.net.

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