What exactly is Neo-Romanticism? And more especially, what is  American Neo-Romanticism? I have long been interested in the history of music, and especially in what is often called “neo-romantic” music. Not long ago I made a detailed study of the American Neo-Romantics Ernest Bloch, Samuel Barber and William Grant Still. I have been periodically posting some of that work to my Blog on this website. Below are links to those posts. More in this series  will be added as time permits. J. S. Graves

Post #1: Three American Neo-Romantics

Post #2: American Neo-Romanticism continued

Post #3: What is Neo-Romanticism?

Post #4: Neo-Romanticism and the young composer

Post #5: Comparing Classicism and Romanticism

Post #6: What is American Neo-Romanticism?

Post #7: Challenging the Modernist Interpretation of Musical History

Post #8: Distinguishing Characteristics of American Neo-Romanticism

Post #9 Tonality