Our Fur family

My brother says that if dogs don’t have souls we don’t either! Dogs are certainly remarkable creatures. My wife and I have had dogs as pets for years. Some have lived past 15 years! All have been loved by us and we have certainly loved them…with all their faults. And of course they do have them, just like we do. Neither we nor they are perfect. We are all flawed and finite.

Speaking in tongues

After we lost our last dog last year we decided to go to the local Little Rock Animal Village and find another. When looking for new pets we should all consider adopting shelter dogs first. They are so in need and so in danger of being euthanized. We found a little female Yellow Lab/ Golden Retriever mix and named her Sandy. She was then about 15 pounds. She is now about 52 pounds!

Several months later we returned to the shelter to acquire a “playmate” for Sandy. We found a little male red/ brown pointy eared mutt that we named Foxy because he looked much like a fox. He also had a sister there in the shelter but we thought we couldn’t handle more than two dogs. Over night we became guilty about his litter mate and went back to get her also. She is white with some black markings.

We called her Bella because we originally thought she was so ugly that my wife felt she should have something pretty about her! (Now we think she is adorable.) They were then about 12 pounds each. Foxy is now about 32 pounds and Bella is 28 pounds (full grown we hope!). Bella and Foxy are  Arkansas Feists– small, very energetic hunting dogs. Please view their photo above and the ones in the gallery below. By clicking on a photo below you can view an enlarged image and will have an option to view next/previous images in the gallery. Enjoy!

Please try to give some shelter animal a chance. And support your local spay/neuter clinics!

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