R. S. Perry

R. S. Perry is a remarkably talented Little Rock artist, musician, poet, lyricist, writer and composer.  (The two watercolors shown here are hers.) Click here to view her songbook, Celtic Crone SongsIt is available both as a spiral bound printed book and as an e-book. Click here on her website, cronesinger.com, to display some of her various creations, both books and graphic art.

The Second Edition of her first songbook, Velvet Nights and Other Songshas recently been released. More about it can be viewed by clicking on the link above. The title song from that book can be viewed and listened to on YouTube. Another song from that songbook, My Red Hair, can also be viewed on YouTube.

Her book, Charles Ives and the American Mindis in the Central Arkansas Library and the Butler Institute for Arkansas Studies. I have quoted from her book in my recent posts on Neo-Romanticism.

R. S. Perry has just published a new book, The Civil War Letters of Deakins, Perry, Wollery, Fox and Others. The book includes various letters of ordinary Union soldiers to family members. One of them, John Perry, was her great grandfather.  He died at the Battle of Shiloh. The book contains information about the Palmaya Massacre in Missouri.  Information about the book can be found on Amazon.

Cover by R. S. Perry   

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